Friday, 5 August 2016

2016 Term 2 has started with a BANG!

2016 Term 2 has started with a BANG!

The grade 6's and 7's went to Bonamanzi Adventure camp for 2 nights and had a fantastic time. They have come back tired and elated. The stories they have told will be remembered for a very long time.
While they were on camp the rest of the school carried on as normal however there was a very quite presence on the playground.

This week the focus in the library was Poems based on the book "Can it be about me?" by Cheryl Moskowitz. The book has a variety of poems that are about friendship, personal issues, quarrels, secrets, bullying etc. Basically anything that younger children experience in life. It is quite a profound book that touches the hearts of many children as they can relate to the situations. Hooked on Books will be performing a play on one of the poems in the 3rd term... We loved Hooked on Books and cannot wait to see which poem they choose.

The Grade 4's, 5's, 6's and 7's all had the opportunity to write poems in a group dynamic based on the book. Some groups wrote outstanding poetry that brought tears to our eyes and other children wrote hysterical poetry that left our sides in stitches!

Michaela, Caelan, Rayne and Sarah from Grade 7 wrote a fantastic poem about books which has been laminated and put up in the library for all to read and see. Come pop in! The library is looking great and we have many new books on our shelves. There are other poems up in the library too which are brilliant.

By Mrs Vink the Library teacher, Rayne Brink, Gina Strydom and Cameron Cleenverk the Library Monitors.